Onedle Game

Play Onedle online - Hangman Game Time — you can play words in English in the free online version of the same puzzle from childhood! This is great entertainment! At least — replenish your vocabulary, check your luck and have fun! If the guesser did not have time to guess the word before the gallows is drawn completely, then he is considered hanged and must guess the next word.

How to play Onedle?


Select a category or select the random words mode which contains all the words from our dictionary. Also, play daily mode once a day and guess the same word as other players.


You will see a row of empty cells in front of you, this is a word or phrase that you have to guess. It consists of the same number of letters as you see empty cells.


Your goal is to guess this word or phrase. To do this, click on the letters on the keyboard one by one and recognize the correct letters. If there is such a letter in the hidden word, then it will open. If there is no such letter, you will see how the picture of the hanged man is drawn.


The picture consists of 8 parts corresponding to 8 mistakes that you can make. In this case, the eighth, last error becomes final. If the picture is completed to the end before you finish the word, you will lose. If you do it earlier, you're a winner. Good luck!

Did you like Onedle?

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